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Midori Sticker 2560 Color Blue

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$3.90 USD
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$3.90 USD

A notebook sticker that you can easily enjoy according to your purpose and scene

It is a sticker that can be pasted and peeled off to decorate the margins and dates of notebooks in a fun way. You can put them on top of each other in a line to decorate the margins and headings of the memo page.

Since the colors are grouped in similar colors, even those who are not good at arranging can easily create a unified page. It is also recommended to combine it with similar color pens, markers, masking tape, etc. ◎ The refreshing design of "color blue pattern" such as white bear and cream soda will make your notebook fun and colorful ♪

Since it can be divided into upper and lower parts with perforations, you can carry as much as you need. Since it is a re-peelable sticker, it is easy to reattach.

Material // Made of PET film
Package Size // H180×W89×D1mm
Remarks // Perforated to separate the sticker mount in half size