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Plain Stationery

Plain Stationery Handy Stamp - G

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Part of our hands will be blocked while we are holding objects like pen or glass. People who used to draw might find this quite simple. But we realized that drawing gesturing hands are not that easy to some people. So, we decided to combine this idea on our HANDY STAMP's design. Users could first use the stamps, then draw any objects in the blank part depends on their creativity.

Let us show you some samples!

Our first released stamp series containS four gestures. For example, you can first use the hold gesture, draw a pen on it and add some words, to complete a cute card.

An example of D:
Another hold gesture can be used while you want to draw out the way you used to make coffee or the way you carry a gift bag. You will find that using HANDY STAMPS in a different direction might bring different feelings while you draw.

Both of these pictures are using the same stamps. With different perspectives, you will discover different usages.

Besides that, you can combine our stamps with a sticky note or masking tape. It is like a hand taking a piece of paper. Don't you agree that this will make your to-do-list look interesting?

We already gained so much fun by using one stamp. Just imagine how fun it will be to combine your drawing with two Handy Stamps. For example, the picture below is completed by stamp B and C. Giving a memo to your friend by two hands, and list down what you wish your friend help you to do. Aren't this action bring warmness to others?

There comes some new left-handed gesture so that left-handed friend can freely use Handy-Stamps.

An example E:
With his right hand to hold a pen, of course, can not be less left hand, left-handed friends should be given to make him feel pleasant surprise!