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Midori Transfer Sticker 2582 Storybook motifs

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It is a transfer sticker that allows you to make wonderful decorations with a single effort, even if you are not confident in the picture, you can finish it as if you were drawing a picture with a single effort. If you use it in combination with multiple patterns, you can enjoy it more widely.

[How to use] Select the pattern you want to use, cut it, remove the white sheet, and place it in the position you want to paste. You can easily transfer by gently rubbing it from above with a ruler and slowly peeling off the transfer sheet.

Natural finish that integrates with paper. The seal itself is so thin that there are no steps at all, giving it a natural finish as if it were printed.

A story-like design with a gentle atmosphere like a picture book by Ayako Iwagami, an illustrator who feels a story like a scene in a picture book. If you put it on your notebook or notebook, you will have a fun world like a picture book.

You can cut it in any shape you like, so it is convenient for decorating small parts of your notebook