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Midori Sticker 2374 Marche Coffee

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Stickers that you can choose as exciting as shopping at Marche

A cute, gentle hand-painted touch, a masking sticker that can be affixed and peeled off. The cups and cans of black tea have a gold stamping on them, and the point is the cute feminine color while giving a high-class feeling.

A Japanese paper sticker with a soft, transparent feel. The masking tape material can be attached and removed, so it can be reattached. Also, since it is thin, it is not bulky even if it is attached to a notebook. *When peeling off, please peel off slowly.

"Seal Marche" is an image of a fun and lively Marche . This is a sticker filled with the excitement and fun of choosing a pattern, as if shopping at a Marche. Since there are many types, you can use it for a wide range of purposes such as arranging notebooks and albums, decorating gifts and party items.

Content // 1 sheet
Material // Japanese paper
Package Size // H183×W88×D1mm