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Midori Portable Multi-Scissors Black

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$12.40 USD
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$12.40 USD

A robust, authentic-oriented portable scissors that is extremely functional.

From everyday use to the outdoors. "Mobile multi-scissors" are full-scale mobile scissors with various functions. It's compact, but it's sharp and comfortable, and it's durable enough to withstand hard use. Not only for everyday use but also in a wide range of situations such as DIY and outdoors. The cap has a drainage hole to prevent the blade from rusting, so it is easy to use even in situations where it is easy to splash water such as fishing.

Handle that is easy to grip and does not slip. A handle made of a strong, non-slip material that is reinforced by mixing glass fiber with polypropylene resin. The inside of the handle (where the fingers enter) is ergonomically designed so that it is easy to grasp and apply force so that the load on the fingers is minimized. With a convenient hook hole.

A discerning blade with good sharpness.
In addition to the two-step blade that pursues sharpness and durability of the blade, the curved one-sided blade keeps the angle easy to cut. You can cut firmly from the root to the cutting edge, and less force is required. You can shred thick paper and credit cards. The back surface of the blade is grooved so that it will not stick easily when cutting duct tape.

Cardboard opener function.
It has a serrated blade that can be used to open the packing tape or film tape that closes the cardboard, and can be used as a cardboard opener. It is convenient because it can be used quickly when luggage arrives.

A wire cutter that can cut wire.
Comes with a wire cutter that can cut wire with a diameter of 1.2 mm made of iron and 1.6 mm made of copper. Great for DIY and outdoor activities.

Package Size // H159×W78.5× D15mm
Body Size // [When carrying: With cap] H102.5×W65×D11mm
Body Size [When using: Without cap] // H100.5×W65×D10.5mm
Body Material // PP+Glass Fiber
Blade Material // Stainless Steel