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Midori Letter Set Gift Color - Blue

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Midori Letter Set Gift Color - Blue

The Letter Set that conveys moods and scenes in colors is a unique stationery product that allows you to choose the color of paper that is associated with your mood, the mood of the other person, or the scene you want to convey. This set includes 12 sheets of letter paper (3 colors x 4 sheets) and 4 envelopes.

The set comes with 3 colors of paper with slightly different colors, so you can choose the color according to your mood at that time. The stationery is colored paper with a slight texture that makes it easy to write with fountain pens and colored inks. It also features a modest one-point design called pen and ink.

This letter set is not only suitable for casual letter writing but also for business situations where you want to write properly.

The size of the stationery is H182mm × W138mm, which is a convenient size to write a thoughtful message, and the envelopes are H98mm × W148mm, which is just the right size to fit the letter paper. The colors of the paper are carefully selected to convey moods and scenes, and the texture of the paper is pleasant to write on.

Product Type Letter Set

Stationery - 12 sheets (3 colors x 4 sheets)
Envelope - 4 sheets

Stationery H182 × W138mm
Envelope H98 × W148mm