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Midori Bookmark Sticker Embroidery Stars

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Embroidery stickers that become bookmarks

Stick it on the cover. Become a bookmark.
A sticker that can be customized with a bookmark by attaching it to the cover of a notebook or notebook. This is convenient when you want to add a bookmark to your notebook or diary, or when you want to increase the number of bookmarks in your notebook to two. It can be used for B6 to A5 sizes.
As it is a strong adhesive sticker, it will not come off even if it is put in the bag. It is a strong adhesive that can be attached to cloth, but you can also iron it if you want to attach it more firmly.

Three-dimensional embroidery sticker
The warm embroidery sticker expresses the star of the popular motif with fine embroidery. The point is that a small star embroidery charm that matches the design of the sticker is attached to the end of the bookmark string. The "star pattern" charm has different colors on the front and back, with gold on the front and silver on the back. Cutely customize with your favorite motif. It is also recommended as a gift for people who like star patterns, planetariums, and astronomical observation.

Content // 1 piece (149 pieces)
Material // Made of rayon + polyester
Package Size // H182×W64×D3mm
Body Size // H300-320 ×W14-31×D2mm (Bookmark string length: 270mm)

  • Compatible with B6 to A5 sizes
  • It may be difficult to stick depending on the material to be pasted.
  • A sticky sticker. Carefully decide the position before applying. Forcing it may damage the pasted items.
  • It can be attached to the cloth with an iron (medium temperature). Put on a cloth and press firmly for 30 seconds. Iron cannot be attached to heat-sensitive materials (nylon, polyester, vinyl chloride, etc.).