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BGM Daily Life Clear Stamp

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$8.90 USD
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$8.90 USD

Unlike the traditional rubber stamp, the clear stamp is transparent, which allows you to confirm the stamp's orientation before stamping on a surface. That makes life so much easier as it takes away a lot of guesswork. The clear stamp itself is made of soft material, so you cannot stamp with it alone and you will need an acrylic block as support. The stamp is self-adhesive and will cling onto the block, and swapping stamps cannot be easier!

These stamps are super easy to use. Simply peel them off the packaging and stick them flat side down onto the block. Apply some ink and you're ready to add some colour and flair to anything you decide. After you're done stamping, simply clean off your stamp with some wet wipes, peel it off the block and replace back to its packaging, ready for its next stamping adventure.

Sheet Size // 100 x 130mm
Material // Silicone