8 Washi Tape Ideas for Mother's Day Gifts

8 Washi Tape Ideas for Mother's Day Gifts

Before you know it Mother’s Day will be here and before you start to think of what you could buy for your mum this year, why not consider making her a special gift from washi tape?

Washi tape is a decorative masking tape which comes in many different patterns and colours. It’s made from natural fibres such as bamboo and hemp and is durable and can be used on many surfaces including metal, plastic and wood. We will now provide you with a list of ideas of what you can make for your mum this Mother’s Day.


1. Washi Tape Vase

You could wrap it around the whole vase/jar or maybe just around the top or bottom.

You can use your circle punches to create the polka dot design. 

2. Washi Tape Candle

Take a pillar candle and apply your chosen washi tape around the candle. Be sure to smooth out the washi tape.

If you’d like the tape to stay fixed on to the candle permanently then take a hair dryer and put it on the highest setting.

Blast the candle with some hot air and use your fingers to press the washi tape onto the top layer of the candle.

This will ensure that the washi tape stays fixed on to the candle. It’s not just pillar candles that you could decorate for your mum’s Mother’s Day present, have fun experimenting on candles of all shapes and sizes.

Image Source: Hapiness is Homemade

3. Washi Tape Flower Pot

Use strips of fun and colorful tapes to decorate jars and vases.Take a terracotta flower pot and an assortment of washi tapes.

Decorate the flowerpot with the washi tape in whatever pattern and colour takes your fancy.

Once the flowerpot has dried, add some compost to the pot and sprinkle in some of your mum’s favourite flower seeds.

Tape used:

MT X Mina Perhonen Go!

MT Stripe Red Washi Tape

MT Border Gold Washi Tape

MT Stripe Silver Washi Tape

4. Washi Tape Gift Box

If you’ve already chosen something for your mum for Mother’s Day, such as a piece of jewellery, then consider making a personalised gift box using washi tape for décor.

Purchase a plain brown gift box and decorate the outside using washi tape and use ribbon or rope to finish it off.

5. Washi Tape Wall Décor

Take a plain white canvas and select some washi tape. Consider what pattern /design you will create using your washi tape.

You could opt to use different colours, stick to one colour or go for black washi tape to create black and white wall art.

If you’re feeling adventurous, then take two or three canvases and create a set of wall art as a Mother’s Day present.

6. Washi Tape Solar Light Jar

Take a mason jar and decorate it with washi tape. Inside the mason jar, place some solar lights. A pretty present perfect for those outdoor summer evenings.

Image Source: Dear Handmade Life

7. Washi Tape Solar Light Jar

If you feel like pampering your mum this Mother’s Day then give her a manicure. Once you have finished prepping your mum’s nails, provide her with a selection of washi tapes to choose from.

With these washi tapes you can create some nail art for your mum. Place a strip of washi tape on to your mum’s fingernail, lay it on very carefully and then cut off any extra tape. If you make a mistake, don’t panic, as all you need to do is apply some top coat on to the nails as this will help to hide any minor mistakes.

Image Source: wondrouslypolished

8. Washi Tape Wine Charms

If your mum likes to have a glass of wine then why not make her some personalised wine charms? To make these wine charms you will need:

  • Some wine corks
  • A craft knife
  • A selection of washi tape
  • Some screw eye hooks
  • Wine charm findings

Use a craft knife to slice the cork into ¼ inch slices. Decorate each piece of cork with a different colour of washi tape. Place a screw eye hook in each piece of cork. Finally, thread a wine charm finding onto each screw eye hook. Present your gift with your mum’s favorite bottle of wine or bubbly!

Image Source: Crafts Unleashed

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