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TRAVELER'S notebook Refill - 2024 Weekly - Vertical

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TRAVELER'S notebook Refill - 2024 Weekly - Vertical 

A feature of the TRAVELER'S notebook Refill 2024 is useful for promptly keeping track of schedules.

The vertical diary in 2024 Diary Weekly Vertical Regular Size is helpful for promptly keeping track of schedules. The entire day can be planned or recorded in increments of 30 minutes, with additional space below for remarks.

Six months are covered by a single notebook. One notebook is included in this package for each half of the year. This refill includes MD Paper, which was created especially to achieve the ideal writing experience. Different writing implements, such as fountain pens, can be used without bleeding through. A handbook and a sticker sheet are also included for personalization.

Product Type TRAVELER'S notebook Refill
Content Contents Inner paper / annual calendar, monthly schedule, weekly vertical, Handbook guide and Stickers
Material MD Paper
No. of Pages
Size H 8.3" x W 4.3" x D 0.31"