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MU Craft

MU Craft Crystal Rub-on Sticker Happy Harvest Time 014

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Create a unique life style with MU Craft Rub-On Sticker. Due to its scratch resistant and waterproof features, it is perfect for decorating things like phone case, mug, thermos and more!

♥ Quantity in Pack // 1
♥ Sticker Sheet Size // 100 x 130mm

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$3.00 USD
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$3.00 USD

Create a unique life style, starting with decorating small thing with Crystal Rub-On Sticker. This multi deco sticker can be transferred on the various material such as phone case, mug, thermos and more. Smooth embossed sticker makes decoration more eye-catching. In comparison with the Print-On sticker, the Crystal Rub-On Sticker is more scratch resistant and waterproof.

How to Use?

1. Cut off the pattern from sticker.

2. Separate the back white paper.
*Press the pattern when pattern is not on the transparent film before you transfer it.

3. Paste it on the object.

4. Use tool to press on average.

5. Tear off the transparent film on the sticker to transfer on the object.