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Midori Sticky Notes Pickable Plain

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$5.30 USD
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Three types of paper in one book. "Selectable sticker" that can be peeled off and used from anywhere

It is a sticky paper with rounded corners that consists of three types of paper in one book. There are plenty of 30 high-quality papers, 20 kraft papers, and 20 tracing papers.

Since it is a paste processing that can be peeled off from anywhere, you can freely select and use three types of paper. The simple design is easy for anyone to use, and the rounded corners give a gentle impression.

You can use "quality paper" for messages and memos, "kraft paper" for gifts, and "tracing paper" when you want to write information through a map or book with watermarks.

You can enjoy your own custom sticker by using it in combination with Midori's "Stamp Penetration Mark">> . Enjoy with fine paper and kraft paper.
*Tracing paper cannot be used as it will repel the stamp ink.


Content // 70 sheets (30 pieces of high-quality paper, 20 pieces of craft paper, 20 pieces of tracing paper)
Package Size // H112×W76×D8mm
Body Size // H70×W70×D7mm