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Midori Mesh Graphics Pouch <A5> Check Light blue


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$18.40 USD
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$18.40 USD

A moderately transparent, light mesh pouch

Ame size pouch of "MESH GRAPHICS" series with moderately transparent and light mesh material with graphical print. Uses a durable mesh tarpaulin fabric used for outdoor posters. "Plaid light blue" with a gentle color and a natural atmosphere. It has a basic design that is easy to use and a light mesh material. Also, due to the characteristics of the material, the transparency is different between the dark print area and the light print area, so it is important not to see the contents clearly. *The pattern will differ depending on the product.

The pull handle with the logo made in the original type has a prismatic ring, so it has a high-class feeling, it is large and easy to hold, and it is convenient because it can be hooked on a hook. Also, because the side has ears (ribbon), it is easy to open by pulling the fastener while holding the ears.

You can use it as a bag-in-bag for a bag that has no partition like a tote bag or a day bag, or you can put together stationery around your work such as A5 size notebooks, smartphones, and writing tools. Since you can understand what the mesh material contains from the outside, you can save the trouble of opening the pouch and searching.


Material // Mesh tarpaulin
Size // H180 × W260 × D20mm

Note: The colour may transfer if it is stored for a long time in close contact with printed matter or other objects.