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Midori Etching Clips Cat

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4 kinds of assorted clips that depict cute animals with delicate processing

A clip that expresses a delicate design by etching (etching) stainless steel. Each card-sized case contains four types of clips assorted. Securely holds up to about 10 copy sheets.

The case can be opened and closed from either left or right so that you can easily take out your favorite clip. The case has a beveled edge, so you can smoothly take out a thin clip like sliding it.

The cute design makes the animals of the clip look like they are in the forest or sea when in the case. A good balance between the cuteness of the deformed animal and the delicate expression such as relief that takes advantage of the strength of etching.

Content // 16 pieces (4 type x 4 pieces)
Material // Case: ABS+Polystyrene, Clip: Stainless
Size // Package: H55×W92×D7mm, per clip: approx. H22×W22mm (varies by model)