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Midori Book Band Pen Case <B6 - A5> Brown

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$15.30 USD

A book band pen case that carries your notebook and pen slimly

A slim pen case that fits in your notebook.
With a slim appearance, this is a book band pen case that allows you to carry up to four thick-axis pens. Adjustable rubber band with adjuster makes it compatible with B6-A5 notebooks and notebooks. As it uses a mixture of cotton and polyester that has both texture and durability and uses stretchable material, the more you use it, the more familiar it becomes with the shape of the pen inserted in the pen pocket.

Storing parts packed with ingenuity in details
The inside of the pen pocket is a non-slip pen pocket with a flap cover that prevents it from falling. If you don't need a flap cover, you can insert it into the pen pocket to take out the pen more smoothly! It is a smart book band pen case that enhances your notebook by realizing "Easy to insert and remove even if the pen does not fall".

Material // cotton & polyester
Body Size // H183×W55×D20mm
Package Size // H228×W82×D27mm


  • Please avoid washing. If it gets dirty, wipe it gently with a dry cloth.
  • Be careful when using the product when it is wet, as it may cause discoloration or color transfer.
  • Depending on the grip material of the pen, the cloth may stain the color if it is rubbed hard. be careful.