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Appree Nature Sticker Aurora

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$2.40 USD
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$2.40 USD
This is the Aurora Sticker from Nature Sticker. It contains images of an aurora that looks like a huge maze in the sky. You can add dreamy sensibility to your scene through the beautifully swaying aurora.
This realistically portrayed the Aurora Sticker is naturally merged into wherever we want, making it a different place and giving it new stories.

Make your own dreamy aurora at will. You can feel the aurora more vividly because it is delicately expressed by minimizing the space between the image and outer line.

This sticker with a matt finish will match anything like diaries, photos, phone cases perfectly without reflecting the light. Also, sophisticated white printing allows you to create a natural look even if you attach it to the photo. Try now Appree's stickers to create your best scenes of nature with rich stories.

Sticker, PET

Size and weight
Nature sticker_Ice (1 sheet) _ 67 x 195(mm) / 5g
Nature sticker_Water spray (1 sheet) _ 67 x 195(mm) / 5g

Nature sticker_Aurora _ 22 pieces
Nature sticker_Galaxy _ 20 pieces