Appree is product company providing a variety of office supplies, based on Seoul, Korea and was established in 2008. They design small but special experience such as refreshing atmosphere of the mountain, mist, calm weather and lake felt in the nature and has always been developing small office products with an attitude of 'Learning from the Nature'.
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Appree Sticky Leaf Tracing Birch Blue M

The Last Leaf
Tracing birch is adhesive memo paper with transparent leaf shape. From the novel ‘the last leaf’ by o.Henry, the grandfather behrman draws the last leaf to give hope to sick johnsy. Johnsy finds hope from the last leaf which doesn’t fall down even in rain storm and overcomes her sickness. As ‘the last leaf’ of the grandfather behrman, send hopeful message to special people to you.

Material // Tracing Paper
Package Size // 100 x 150mm
Leaf Size (big) // 37 x 76 mm
Leaf Size (small) // 20 x 60 mm
Number of Sheets // 40 (20 for each size)

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